Sierra Domb is a Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) activist and trailblazer in neuroscience, philanthropy, and communication. Her nonprofit organization, Visual Snow Initiative (VSI), is dedicated to global awareness, education, resources, patient advocacy, treatment development, and research for VSS. Sierra holds a Bachelor's of Science in Communication Studies, focusing on Behavioral Sciences, Qualitative Data Analysis, as well as Intercultural and Health Communication.

Her story and the studies VSI has funded have been featured by the following outlets:

Disco Face: The Hero Behind The Mask​

Disco Face: The Hero Behind The Mask by Sierra Domb, Founder & CEO, Visual Snow Initiative Introduction In a TikTok video posted in October of ...
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Sierra Domb

Sierra Domb Answers Your Questions On Visual Snow Syndrome

We have a new, exciting opportunity to share with you: Sierra Domb, Founder of the Visual Snow Initiative (VSI), will be hosting a new Q&A ...
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New VSI-Supported Study Reveals Brain Chemicals, Glutamate & Serotonin, Are Different In People With Visual Snow Syndrome

Click here to access the full research article published in Annals of Neurology. Title Abnormal Glutamatergic and Serotonergic Connectivity in Visual Snow Syndrome and Migraine with ...
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